Consulting and training

Gorazd Vertovšek MBA

Since constant learning and attaining knowledge is a competitive advantage of every individual, our company VEG & SAM performs teaching and training of soft skills, including communication skills, art of selling, leadership skills, time management and organizational skills. We place great emphasis on the knowledge of finances; our seminar: "Everything you need to know to understand business and lead the company", is extremely successful.


The workshops “Dealing with Emotions” and “Personal Growth” lead you through various topics for personal growth: interpersonal relationships, emotional intelligence, stress and modes of relaxation, knowledge of different temperaments and separation of duties in mutual relations are nowadays a very important and integral part of training programs in different companies.


Companies also express a lot of interest for the workshop “ASSERTIVENESS”. We could even call it the art of dealing with the emotions of anger and fear. It is interesting that Slovenians don`t have an adequate translation or expression for the word assertiveness in their vocabulary. It`s a kind of a combination of determination and justice. Assertiveness in today's societies and corporations is not just a trend, but the right path for a responsible and successful leading of a team or a company and attending to people, costumers …


For several years the company VEG & SAM has been running an ASSESSMENT CENTER*, led by Gorazd Vertovšek, MBA with a group of qualified assessors. It is a proven method of assessing candidates for a particular job. The method provides extremely effective results, since you get to know the candidate and receive his profile in a day, rather than after three or more months of a trial period.


The learning process in the seminar or the training is successful only when we incorporate the MULTI-SENSORY LEARNING. If you want to make sure that the multi-sensory learning isn`t as hard as you`d think and if you want to see which tools and media are used in the context of multi-sensory learning, come and experience it for yourself at our trainings and workshops called Basic Andragogic Models of Teaching. They have been held by the experienced lecturer Gorazd Vertovšek, MBA within different projects for several years now.

In addition to the above mentioned contents, our trainings and interactive workshops provide us with useful knowledge and experience from various other fields:

  • Team building
  • Higher motivation of the employees
  • Finding and developing the potential of participants
  • Effective leadership and communication in project management
  • Understanding and successfully managing our emotions.


Consulting and training