Health promotion in the workplace

Health promotionHealth promotion are the collective efforts of employers and employees to improve the well-being and health in the workplace.


Health promotion is beneficial for the individual, the employer and the society as a whole and has proven to be an effective strategy for improving the capacities of each individual.


Gorazd Vertovšek MBA has been an expert lecturer at various international congresses and seminars in the field of safety and health at work. He also conducts and executes active health promotion programs in companies, which led him to the conclusion that constant activation of employees and the correct approach signify:

  • Higher productivity and motivation of employees
  • Awareness of a healthy lifestyle
  • Improved organization of work and the work environment as a whole (the entire company talks about the healthy lifestyle, the importance of physical activities, healthy diet, etc.)
  • Greater employee efficiency and a better atmosphere in the company
  • Encouraging personal growth of the employees and improving the individual's integrity
  • Better relationships between employees in the team and greater commitment the company.



At VEG & SAM we emphasize that the implementation of health promotion in the workplace is a process where the activities are gradually complemented and upgraded. There is no uniform recipe for improving health and wellbeing in the workplace, which would suit each company, so we prepare a special program and activities (theoretical and practical) for each work environment and the employees, which are adapted to the client's requirements, needs and goals.


Health promotion

  • Health promotion
  • Health promotion
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